• Lend A Hand...
  • to one or a group,
  • to the enviroment.
  • A moral compass...
  • to show the way.
  • Earth. Grow. Together.

Reach out and lend a hand. Help in time of need. Becomae a steward of the environment. Engage kids in meaningful projects. Spiders and Cobwebs is a Charity Initiative and we want to make a difference in your home town! If you have a penchant for helping others, crave self-employment and are able to motivate others - as you are yourself - to give the gift of kindness, then jump in our Ring!

" In A World Of Give Please Lend A Hand "

Our Cause and Mission Statement

People need help in these, the most difficult times. We don't notice it around us as we go about our every day busy lifestyle. Together, let's smooth the landscape to build better communities. Better tomorrows. Better futures.

The best way to do that? Build a charity with grassroots support at local level. Make a fair wage and deliver aid to a wide cross-section of persons during times of hurt and need. Assist with projects that benifit the environment and make a difference to wildlife, quality of living, and the planet as a whole. It's good for you. It's here!

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The Family Nest

WhiteBoard ...pay attention 😉 Re-imagined

Here on the WhiteBoard we want to share Inspiration and Disappointment! And the many ways to pick ourselves up! 😊


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Dashboard UI Features

100% Responsive layouts
Charts & Metrics
200+ UI Elements
Flex Css Based Layouts
Bootstrap4, Sass & Gulp
Multi Nav and layouts
Email Layouts
Chat App
80+ Valid Pages
Modern & Clean Design
Well Commented code

Landing Pages

Elegant & Simple landing pages,

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